What we believe

What denomination is Water Church?
Water Church is a Free Methodist Christian church. Free Methodists are people who follow Christ’s teachings, proclaiming Christ’s love for all people. The Free Methodist Church is a well-recognized Christian denomination emphasizing holy living.

Why Free? Why Methodist?
Historically, the Free Methodist Church was organized in 1860. The first bishop of the new church was Benjamin Titus Roberts who was a champion for equal rights (especially for women), a writer, publisher, Christian educator, and preacher. In 1860, the “free” in Free Methodist emphasized certain basic freedoms found in the Scriptures: human freedom; freedom and simplicity in worship; free seats in church, so the poor will not be kept out or discriminated against; freedom and openness in relationships and loyalties so the truth may always be spoken freely; freedom of lay persons to be fully involved at all levels of decision making; and freedom from materialism in order to help the poor. The biblical principles on which these freedoms are based are as important today as ever. We are “methodists." believing in a disciplined, simple lifestyle.

To do all we can do, with everything we've been given, to help people become more like Jesus.

Where can I read more about the values and beliefs of Free Methodist Christians?
Check out the Free Methodist Church main website or this brochure specifically on What is a Free Methodist? pulled from the resources section of the Free Methodist Church website.